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In the press …

“Elaine possesses an exacting, exhilarating command of melodic lines and emotional currents. It helps that she has pinpoint intonation: in performance, I don’t believe I’ve ever heard her miss her mark, even on difficult leaps or drops in a melody line. But she handles those intervals with a dancer’s grace and a nuanced attack, which allow the line to unfold seamlessly. She floats through a melody without any apparent effort; to appreciate her musicianship, listen to most other singers handle the same material (you can practically hear them sweat). And Dame’s phrasing manages to wed an improviser’s expressiveness with a welcome fidelity to the words and their meaning. I think if a saxophone could speak, it might sound like this.”

“Elaine Dame had a strong voice with a cool style that defines her signature. She’s not gimmicky smooth. Dame has great phrasing and character that is sexy in her own way. She runs counter to but in sync with the band resulting in a swinging groove that works over many tempos”

“The CD features tunes written by some of the giants of popular music, including Irving Berlin, Stanley Turrentine, Richard Rodgers, Joni Mitchell, and Richard Thompson. The album pairs Dame’s masterful vocals with the skillful playing of some of Chicago’s top jazz musicians.”

“Dame’s silky voice captivates us right from the very beginning. The great thing about Elaine and her latest release is how it really sticks to the roots of jazz; her voice shines through as we get to hear every note clearly. As we listen, we are reminded of the jazz great, Ella Fitzgerald, as Dame sings with a passion and a dynamic presence that comes through the speakers beautifully, as if she were singing right in front of us. After listening to You’re My Thrill, it is no wonder why the Windy City holds Elaine Dame in such high regard, as her latest record is full of charm and appeal that every jazz fan will warm to.”

“Combining the best elements of jazz, pop, cabaret and show tunes, Elaine Dame’s new CD You’re My Thrill is a real winner. Musically, You’re My Thrill  benefits from having some of Chicago’s top players on piano, drums, guitar, and horns but at the center is Elaine Dame’s gorgeous voice.”

“Dame’s interpretive gifts-which are through the roof-do what jazz is meant to do: turn these well-worn tunes into a revelatory and often very witty set of commentaries on each other. This song list is constructed like a roller-coaster ride over the radiant heights and the devastating depths of the modern landscape of modern romance. Her voice is capable of doing whatever she asks of it-from an extended staccato run to a single word teased by a beguiling melisma – but it’s the choices behind these technical feats that are the real story. Everything is in the service of the narrative; the beauty of her instrument is guided by the shrewdness of her instincts and her instincts are infallible.”

“Her new album You’re My Thrill is exactly what you’d expect from a consummate pro here in Chicago.  The sidemen are a who’s who of top-notch players in town (Dennis Luxion, Jake Vinsel, Jim Cox, Jon Deitemeyer, Andy Brown, Chris Madsen, Russ Phillips and Art Davis among them), and the arrangements are refreshingly well thought out. There’s a lot to like here, from a rather grooving take on “You’re My Thrill” to a really nice run through of “I Was Doing All Right.”

“Elaine’s command of her voice is really something to witness. It’s not that she’s just a good singer, she can take words and sounds, and articulate them giving them the appearance of action. It’s like she’s dancing with her lyrics.”

“From the start, it was apparent that Dame offered optimism, enthusiasm, and joy for both her partners and the jazz standards they played together. This musical attitude was just as appealing as her considerable vocal and flute playing skills…her intelligent phrasing proves she actually listens to the lyrics that she sings…a resounding musical success.”

“Like clarified honey, her voice combines a hearty sweetness and a welcome translucence, and they enjoy a complimentary balance…but Dame can also push into unexpected territory… a place in the heart toughened by life and strengthened by hope, with a little growl to signify both.”


“Elaine Dame sings standards with old-school insouciance, bringing plenty of rhythmic oomph to the swing she generates with her band (pianist Dennis Luxion, bassist Jake Vinsel, drummer Jon Deitemyer, and guitarist Andy Brown). But her devotion to classic jazz aesthetics doesn’t prevent her from mining gold from more contemporary sources—she makes agile vehicles of songs by the likes of Richard Thompson and Joni Mitchell.”

“Her joy in the act of singing is obvious throughout the entirety of Comes Love. Dame combines a freshness of approach, like the unpredictability of shifting meters used to insert tension and increase the excitement of ‘Yesterdays,’ with an unaffected fondness for the music she sings. That fondness is evident in the unadorned respect she pays for a classic song like ‘What’ll I Do?’ The result is a clear-eyed approach to her material that remains accessible to a broad cross section of listeners, potentially enlarging the audience for jazz.”

“Dame’s cool alto voice fits nicely with her instrumental support.”

“With her alluring voice and wide repertoire, she entertains with joy and authority.” Twin Cities Star Tribune

“Dame has risen to the top ranks of Chicago jazz singers, with a light and cheerful timbre and musicality that allows her to improvise things most singers shouldn’t even try. She possesses all the musicality one could want in a true jazz vocalist: centered intonation, an enviable command of rhythm, and a translucent but powerful instrument.”

“What a voice!”

”An artist who truly wants to sing and has dug deep down to do it. Dame’s first CD is very smooth and stylish. Every track is note perfect… an intimate, personal style…interpretation is clearly her forte, she shapes a song like she’s been doing it for years… Dame delivers the perfect twists and turns on every phrase, swinging from a whisper to a husky wail with confidence and panache.”

“Dame possesses all the musicality you could want in a true jazz singer – centered intonation, an enviable command of rhythm and a translucent but powerful instrument.  With all that, her improvisational prowess – the ability to take a really convincing scat solo, spare and focused – like a savvy horn player, seems unfair.”

“With strong, pitch-perfect pipes and a stage presence built for Broadway, Midwest native Dame continues to be a gem in the city’s vocal jazz scene.”

“Blessed with such purity of sound that clarions could take lessons, Dame expresses wide open honesty, and her clarity is matched note for note by her imagination.”

“a clear and powerful voice along with the ability to improvise with subtlety…an excellent scat singer…beautiful tone.”

“…a winning stage presence and a chameleon-like vocal flexibility.”

“Elaine Dame gave one of the finest performances I have ever seen. She has the ability to discover the true meaning of a song and express that to her audience.”

“Elaine Dame’s Comes Love is a breath of fresh air. Ms. Dame’s voice is flawless, but she’s about more than mere technique. She has soul, passion and emotional authenticity – which infuses everything she sings.”

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