The Musicians

The Chicago Jazz Musicians

Chicago jazz singer and Chicago Jazz Band leader Elaine Dame takes pride in featuring the most experienced, highly skilled and sought-after professional musicians on her team, to form Chicago jazz band duos, trios, quartets, and more.

The musicians she works with rank among the worlds finest: a pianist who played with Dizzy Gillespie, Aretha Franklin and Joni Mitchell, a guitarist who accompanied Barbra Streisand on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and a saxophonist who toured with Frank Sinatra whom the New York Times describes as in the virtuoso range.

While her ensembles range from a guitar and vocal duo for cocktails and dinner to a full octet for dancing, Elaine is most often found performing with her trio or quartet for Chicago corporate events and Chicago weddings.

Elaine plays the flute and offers classical flute with piano, guitar, violin or cello for Chicago wedding music and ceremonies, as well as providing entertainment for Chicago corporate events, galas, fundraisers, private parties and everything in between. Book Elaine and her Chicago Jazz Band today, you’ll be glad you did.



Bob Acri, Dennis Anderson, Pete Benson, Rob Block, Annie Booth, Kelly Brand, Darin Clendenin, Ryan Cohen, Tal Cohen, Dan Cray, Bill Cunliffe, Mike Cunningham, Jason Danielson, Jo Ann Daugherty, Bob Dogan, Damian Espinosa, Kevin Fort, Ted Godbout, Larry Harris, Joan Hickey, Tom Hope, George Howe, Jeremy Kahn, Corey Kendrick, Nery Kim, Ben Lewis, Frank Longino, Dennis Luxion, Chris Mahieu, Steve Million, Stu Mindeman, Tom Muellner, Daniel Murphy, Vijay Tellis-Nayak, Larry Novak, Brian O’Hern,  Ed Paolantonio, Ben Paterson, Ron Perrillo, Chris Sargent, Peter Saxe, Bobby Schiff, Jim Sellers, Joe Strachan, Billy Stritch (Liza Minnelli’s longtime accompanist), Randy Tressler, Dan Trudell, Marshall Vente, Tom Vaitsas, Joe Vito, Chris White, Bradley Williams, and Adi Yeshaya


David Altemeir, Rob Amster, Clipper Anderson, John Burr, Emma Dayhuff, Dennis Carroll, Lorin Cohen, Adam Cote, Paul Creel, Dan DeLorenzo, Christian Dillingham, Brian Doherty, Jason Ellis, Alex Frank, Larry Gray, Jeff Greene, Bill Harrison, Eric Hochberg, Joel Kelsey, Larry Kohut, Eric Krieger, Stacy McMichael, Stewart Miller, Pat Mulcahy, Neal Miner, Ben Palmer, Jeff Pedraz, Graydon Peterson, Marc Piane, Ethan Philion, Joe Policastro, Marlene Rosenberg, Brian Sandstrom, Paul Shewchuk, Nick Schneider, Kurt Schweitz, Dan Shapera, Kelly Sill, John Sims, Mark Sonksen, Ashley Summers, John Sutton, John Tate, Nick Tountas, Jake Vinsel, and Jack Zara


Joe Adamik, Ernie Adams, Nic Addelia, Mikel Avery, Andre Beasley, Ed Breazeale, Chuck Christiansen, Dan Davis, Tim Davis, Jon Deitemyer, Mark Ferber, George Fludas, Phil Gatteau, Rodney Green, Mike Jeffers, Rusty Jones, Jeff Lien, Sam Mogerman, Eric Montska, Michael Raynor, Bob Rummage, Darren Scorza, Mike Schlick, Benjamin Scholz, Greg Sergo, and Greg Wyser-Pratte


Neal Alger, Mike Allemana, Kyle Asche, Terry Bartolotta, Bobby Broom, Andy Brown, Daniel Bruce, Dan Effland, Tim Fitzgerald, Bruce Forman, Peter Lerner, John McLean, Dave Miller, Casey Nielsen, Dave Onderdonk, Ron Peters, Frank Portolese, Andy Pratt, Lee Rothenberg, Aylon Samouha, Jeff Sanders, Scott Tipping, Kevin Van Sant, Marty Townsend, and Zvonimir Tot


Diane Delin and Johnny Frigo

Horn Players – Trumpet, Trombone, and Saxophone

Alex Beltran, Scott Benthall, Geof Bradfield, Ivo Braun, John Brumbach, Anthony Bruno, Scott Burns, Bob Centano, Mark Colby, Rich Corpolongo, Art Davis, Jerry DiMuzio, Steve Eisen, Victor Garcia, Chris Greene, Steve Horne, Stephen Koerner, Andrew Lautenbach, Chris Madsen, Pat Mallinger, Jim Massoth, Tim McNamara, John Mose, Mark O’Connor, Bob Ojeda, Bill Overton, Russ Phillips, Doug Scharf, Eric Schneider, and Doug Stone

Book Elaine Your Chicago Jazz Singer and her Chicago Jazz Band today!

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