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Jazz Singing Lessons

“When I sing, trouble can sit right on my shoulder and I don’t even notice.” ~ Sarah Vaughan

Elaine Dame, a professional Chicago-based jazz vocalist, bandleader, and recording artist with over 25 years of experience in the industry,  accepts vocal jazz students of all skill levels in Chicago. Elaine has been teaching privately for the last fifteen years and was honored to be a teaching artist (scatting workshops) at Orbert Davis’ Chicago Jazz Philharmonic Summer Jazz Academy. Elaine has also conducted master classes and clinics at Minneapolis Public Schools, The Greta Matassa Studio in Seattle, WA, and The Chicago Academy for the Arts.

Elaine was honored to have been featured in Singer’s Room as one of the “10 Best Singing Lesson Teachers in Chicago.

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Virtual Lessons Are Offered!

Click HERE to watch Elaine perform at The Chicago Jazz Philharmonic Summer Jazz Academy.


Students learn rhythmic grooves and playing styles. They also learn how to:

  • organize a gig book
  • count off a tune
  • create a lead sheet
  • communicate with other musicians during a performance
  • get a jazz gig
  • “sit-in”
  • music theory
  • understand other practical tools like how to begin and end a tune, jazz forms, jazz styles, how to swing, how to transpose a song in your key, how to choose a key, how to create a repertoire, how to phrase and stylize a tune, and much more.

My goal is to help you reach your goals. You will have my full attention, personalized to your needs.

Contact Chicago jazz singer Elaine Dame for a complimentary consultation or call 773.296.0831

Master Class – the Chicago Academy for the Arts

From my first student

“Thank you very much for having wonderful lessons. You gave me courage, joy, and freedom for singing. I was relaxed when I sang in front of you which was very unusual and I really liked my voice!! I can’t thank you enough….”

-Ryoko Chimomochi, a young Japanese woman who visited the States for several months.

“I have been taking voice lessons from Elaine Dame for the past three years. What makes Elaine a phenomenal teacher, is that she truly wants the student to get better. What I mean is, she teaches good vocal techniques so that your sound is the very best that it can be. She teaches theory so that the vocalist knows what they are doing…key signatures, time, feel, the structure of a tune, so that the singer knows how to speak to the musicians that they are working with. Elaine has a very relaxed style and is very generous in sharing her knowledge of the music business. Elaine is very busy in the local jazz community and can be heard at a variety of clubs in Chicago. I would recommend her to any person looking to improve their singing ability whether it be for personal or professional endeavors.”

-Jamie Brady

“Elaine Dame is incredible. After 3 years of privates, I was more than prepared and prepped to begin my professional career as a jazz vocalist. Whether you are seeking jazz vocal lessons as a hobby or to enter the world as a working jazz vocalist, no one will prepare you more than Ms. Dame. Her incredible patience, passion, and knowledge for this beautiful vocal art is beyond inspiring….not to mention her jaw-dropping voice. You will fall in love with jazz, if you weren’t already, AND the lovely Elaine. Choosing to be educated by Elaine was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I could never have dreamed to be the vocalist I am today if it were not for her. Go ahead, make a great choice and contact Elaine. You will NOT be disappointed.”

-Lindy Endres

“Working with Elaine Dame is not just a lesson with a great singer, it’s a business classroom. You learn everything from booking shows to reading a bass clef! She is the sweetest person in the world and she cares about her students! I would recommend her to anyone, beginning or vets!”

-Dom Thomas

“I had a few voice lessons with Elaine a few years ago to prepare for my solo accompaniment with my high school jazz band, and in that short period of time, she helped me improve my vocal technique tremendously! I was really surprised at how much I could accomplish afterward! She is a creative teacher, very personable and enjoyable to work with, and helped me so much. I highly recommend her.”

-Haley Flom

The Health Benefits of Singing

-The medical profession strongly believes that singing is a good form of aerobic exercise for the abdominal muscles, the lungs, and the circulation of blood. Singing is linked to stress reduction, longevity, and better overall health. Improved airflow in the upper respiratory tract is likely to lessen the opportunity for bacteria to flourish there, countering the symptoms of colds and flu. Singing also aids the development of motor control and coordination and recent studies have shown that it improves neurological functioning. Singing both with and without music (chanting) is used by way of therapy for treating people who are suffering from many kinds of physical, psychological, or emotional illnesses or traumas and is a regular component of treating those who have had strokes resulting in speech impairment. Singing is also a great aid to communication, breathing, and rhythm.

-According to studies, stance, voice, digestion, and life expectancy have been shown to improve by singing.
-Studies show that singing promotes good health, healing, and an overall feeling of well-being and happiness.
-Your voice does not have to be fantastic. Everyone is capable of reaping the many health benefits of singing, regardless of one’s skill level. Everyone is capable of making a joyful noise.
-Singing exercises major muscle groups in the upper body improves the efficiency of the cardiovascular system (it is recommended for people recovering from heart attacks) and encourages you to take more oxygen into your body, leading to increased alertness.
-Monks used to sing to each other for healing, and other cultures use singing constantly as a means to live.
-Research shows that singing helps people deal with chronic pain.

“He who sings frightens away his ills.” ~ Cervantes
“The only thing better than singing is more singing” ~ Ella Fitzgerald
“When I sing, trouble can sit right on my shoulder
and I don’t even notice.”
~ Sarah Vaughan



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