Press Reviews

Neil Tesser

“Dame has risen to the top ranks of Chicago jazz singers, with a light and cheerful timbre and musicality that allows her to improvise things most singers shouldn’t even try. She possesses all the musicality one could want in a true jazz vocalist: centered intonation, an enviable command of rhythm, and a translucent but powerful […]

Cadence Magazine

“Dame’s cool alto voice fits nicely with her instrumental support.”

”An artist who truly wants to sing and has dug deep down to do it. Dame’s first CD is very smooth and stylish. Every track is note perfect… an intimate, personal style…interpretation is clearly her forte, she shapes a song like she’s been doing it for years… Dame delivers the perfect twists and turns on […]

Chicago Jazz Magazine 

“From the start, it was apparent that Dame offered optimism, enthusiasm, and joy for both her partners and the jazz standards they played together. This musical attitude was just as appealing as her considerable vocal and flute playing skills…her intelligent phrasing proves she actually listens to the lyrics that she sings…a resounding musical success.”

Neil Tesser

“Dame possesses all the musicality you could want in a true jazz singer – centered intonation, an enviable command of rhythm and a translucent but powerful instrument.  With all that, her improvisational prowess – the ability to take a really convincing scat solo, spare and focused – like a savvy horn player, seems unfair.”

Time Out Chicago

“With strong, pitch-perfect pipes and a stage presence built for Broadway, Midwest native Dame continues to be a gem in the city’s vocal jazz scene.”

Jazz Times

“Blessed with such purity of sound that clarions could take lessons, Dame expresses wide open honesty, and her clarity is matched note for note by her imagination.”

All Music Guide

“a clear and powerful voice along with the ability to improvise with subtlety…an excellent scat singer…beautiful tone.”

The Chicago Reader

“…a winning stage presence and a chameleon-like vocal flexibility.”

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